Attack of the Time Reapers (A Masters of the Universe Short Story)

wolfstor's Masters Mania: All things Masters of the Universe


The Wind Raider slowly took off the ground. He-Man pushed buttons and the spacecraft accelerated. “Course on Eternis,” Orko said happily. He sat comfortably on the second seat. Orko and He-Man had searched for Queranium in the desert of time. This rare quartz was needed by Man-at-Arms for a new invention. Thanks to his Power Sword, He-Man had quickly found the place where the quartz lay under the ground. Now they were on their way home.

The strongest man in the universe was just joking with the little Trolan, as He-Man suddenly stopped talking. Before him the clouds had shifted. Suddenly and in an unusual formation. The clouds had changed into a strange pattern and had darkened. Then a second and a third cloud formation emerged. Almost at the same time, the three objects began to glow. It was a red, menacing light. He-Man…

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